3. Strong visual content still a priority

More so than ever, the focus is on your brand or business’s aesthetics. The visuals you use resonate with your followers, clients and potential leads. It is therefore crucial to implement a visual marketing strategy which is a lot of work, but pays off in the best ways.

Here are some useful resources to get started today:



We hand select only the best images from our library based on popular topics, themes and events. We’re also introducing video collections this year to help you have better curated collections and visual content for your projects.



























Everything about visuals and formats that you can count on this year. From the trendiest topics circling around social media, to new formats that are going to add a creative flare to your online and offline projects.



Posting visual content on social media every single day can result in a creative block, so why not change things up and opt for professional designs? Check out the Inspiration Collection for ideas on upcoming events.