10. Buzz around augmented and virtual reality

Filters – they’re everywhere! With Instagram pushing Stories, we’re expecting even more filters to become available on social media. Instagram is next in line with the trend, giving users a chance to interact with filters. The newest iPhone uses face recognition and augmented reality technology, and the social networks are ready to dive into the trend.

The potential for brands with this is immense. You can showcase your products in new ways for your audience to show what your items look like in possession. Integrating AR into your marketing efforts is not for everyone’s budget but this year, we’re expecting to see a surge in terms of accessibility and the use of this trend for brands and companies on social media. This is the driving force behind the more fun and interactive content on social media, and definitely going to be significant in social media marketing in 2018.

The takeaway from all these trends is that social media marketing trends don’t stay in place. Jumping on board and using all of these trends might be too much, but a few off the list should bring a new value for your followers and customers. Be persistent, focus on building and gaining trust, post only the best quality visual content and you can be sure to witness positive effects on your online presence in 2018.