It is important to fully utilize the 4000 plus characters YouTube allows in the description box. Remember this, the more you type, the higher chance you rank better in keywords search engines. It is a very simple mechanism, the more you put out there, the better chance it will match someone’s need or demand.

Moving on to the third strategy, utilizing tags attached to your video.

YouTube generously allows up to 500 characters for tag box. So fully utilize it just as the same as your video description. The more you use, the higher chance it will hit the jackpot.

There are two types of tag you can use for your video.

Specific tags are those single sentences that people key into the search bar, while single word tags are usually a keyword related to people’s search query.

Another purpose of including a common but unique tag in all your YouTube videos is actually to ensure that the “Up Next Videos” will appear to be all your videos. 

YouTube has this function where it will prompt a list of recommended videos that are related to the current video you are watching. Therefore, when you optimize your tags in your YouTube videos, you are also connecting the relevance of all your videos. This way you can ensure that the “Up Next Videos” will all be your videos and your audience is prompted to watch your videos rather than others.

The fourth strategy is customizing your Video Thumbnail.

You have to include text in your video thumbnail. To this because as your video is shared and embedded at various places on the internet, most of the posts will not include your video title but rather just the embedded thumbnail.  Therefore, it is best if your video thumbnail is the what gets people to click on your video.

Make sure to note that the standard dimension of an ideal video thumbnail is 120x68 pixels. Also, you must check how the text looks at this dimension before you upload because it might look poorly due to different formatting.

How To Reach Targeted Audience - Optimizing YouTube SEO

Lastly, the final strategy is to include massive call-to-action remarks in your video.

You have to work hard to encourage subscribing and linking from your audience.

Why? YouTube’s algorithm doesn’t use backlinks, so it puts a lot of weight on user experience signals. This means that if people enjoy watching your video, expect it to crush it in YouTube search.

The best way to make sure your audience does what you ask for is to include a call-to-action request or demand in your video itself. This allows the audience to see it while they are engaged with the video.

What you can do is at the end of each video you publish, give people a strong call to action that encourages them to subscribe.

Let me give you an example. Marie Forleo, a master of YouTube marketing, who already has more than 3 million subscribers, would still always ask people to subscribe at the end of every video.

By the end of her video, this is what she says:

“We’ve got a new episode each and every week, so make sure you subscribe. You can follow me on the social links below, and of course, you can check me out on Thank you so much and don’t miss out on MarieTV.”

Notice how she used this closing for each of her videos to inform her audience of how often they can expect new episode from her channel, and how she prompted her them to subscribe to keep notified, as well as to providing more options to them to find out more about her and her program.

This is a great strategy you can refer to and apply in your video closing. It will help you ensure your audience is fully engaged with your video content and encourage them to respond to your call-to-action.

To be effective and efficient about it, all you need to do is to record one good call to action video and keep reusing it as your “outro” clip at the end of every video that you upload to YouTube. That way you save time, energy and production costs and you can speed things up.

So this is the end of this video course. By applying the best five strategies you’ve learned in this video, you will be able to reach further and larger scale of targeted audience and increase high converting leads. Head onto the next video course to learn more about YouTube for your business!