Now I will also be giving you three great strategies you can use to create your very own viral video to achieve branding, leads, and sales for your business.

The first strategy is to jump on the bandwagon!


This means connecting your video to another video that is already viral on YouTube. Have you ever noticed how, after you've seen one video go viral, you'll see dozens of mash-ups, remixes, and parodies jumping on the bandwagon?


It is a norm where people tend to like watching videos that refer to things they have seen before. It is the sense of participation and involvement that attract them to watch the video. How so? Because it simply gives them the feeling that they are "in on the joke," that makes them more likely to look kindly on your video and pass it along to their friends.


More than 2000 parodies of Gangnam Style videos were uploaded to YouTube at one point in just two weeks at the original video’s highest peak of popularity.

So what you can do is when you're going to make a viral video, think about the contents of other recent viral videos and how you can take advantage of their popularity. For example, you can do reaction video, parodies, reenactment, etc.

The second strategy is to make informative videos.


Viewership on YouTube has shown that videos of shorter length get more views than longer length videos. This is because human’s attention span on a video is said to be shorter than a goldfish’s attention span.


The New York Times cites a study on “viewer abandonment,” in which nearly a fifth of viewers clicked out of a video in the first ten seconds. This became more pronounced with videos that were slow to reach the punch line, causing the rate of viewers to click out to double.

How To Make Viral Video For Ultimate Business Branding

So making your videos short is a crucial optimization method. Keep your content short, focus on images and craft headlines that say it all. Rich media, like GIFs that play on a continuous loop, can capture attention effectively without the viewer deeming it takes up too much time. So try to include more details in small length videos. Small length is always good for getting much views and conversions.


Some examples of short informative videos that are usually viral are videos of life hacks, brilliant ideas, and unexpected useful information.


The third strategy is to go all out on promoting your video.


The fastest and most direct way do this is to connect with other social media platforms because you need rapid distribution to a large group of people very quickly to be able to have something go viral. So you have to make it as easy as possible for people to share your video. You should post your video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Digg, Tumblr, Reddit or anywhere else that people are likely to find and share.


The idea is here to spread and promote your video to anyone and anywhere possible.


Most popular viral videos didn't become viral by accident. There are companies who invest significantly to create a viral video and are also spending thousands of dollars "secretly" promoting it. They would use multiple YouTube accounts, forum sock puppets and other clandestine methods.


Since assuming that you may not have the same resources, what you can do is use what you have. Send to your friends, relatives, and colleagues whom you think would appreciate it and ask them to pass it along. It is by word of mouth and the snowball phenomenon that a video will get viral.


So we’ve come to the end of this section on how to make a viral video for ultimate business branding through YouTube. Head onto the next section to learn more!