Now, let me show you how to enable featured content in your YouTube channel.


First, go to your YouTube account dashboard, click on the person icon on the top right corner, then click on the “Creator Studio” button.


Second, on the left column, click on the Channel tab. From the dropdown menu, click on Featured Content.


Then select Featured Content. A dialogue box like this will appear. Select the content that you’d like to feature from the available options.


Let me briefly explain the two available options you can select from.


Most recent upload is where you choose to automatically feature the most recently uploaded video in your channel. This means that YouTube will automatically feature the video that is most recently uploaded in your channel.


On the other hand, specific video or playlist is where you can select any video or playlist you want to feature from your channel, or you can enter other people’s YouTube video or playlist URL.


So let’s just say you choose to feature a video or playlist.


You have to select an existing video from your channel that you want to feature. Then click on the Save button on the bottom right.


How To Use Featured Videos To Increase Views And Subscribers

You will then be looking at this customization of your selected featured content.


There are three things you would need to customize.


First is display time. You can choose and specify when exactly you want the featured content to appear within the current video timeframe.


As for optimizing timing, if you decide to tick this box, YouTube will try to choose the best time to show your promotion, based on past viewer behavior in each video.

Custom message is where you can insert a message and it will appear alongside the featured content.


When you are done customizing, click on the Update button and you are done!


A great idea is to utilize the customization options to promote and drive your marketing campaign. For example, you could use a custom message to put in a link to your online store or a website and have visitors go through the sales funnel or even put in a marketing message that promotes 50% off a certain item. The possibilities are many and creative.


Bear in mind that the content you have selected will display consistently across devices in the bottom left corner and appear in what to watch next module for subscribed viewers. It will also include a label with the video or playlist information that appears when you hover over the icon.