In this section, you will learn how to use featured content to increase your YouTube subscribers and views.


Before we start, let’s take a look at the breakdown of what you will be learning. I will explain what YouTube featured content is, how it can help increase your subscribers and video views, and I will guide you through how to use this feature in a step-by-step tutorial.


So what is YouTube featured content?


Featured content in YouTube can be a video or a playlist. The purpose is to promote a new video to all of your audience.


How does featured content help increase your video views and gain more subscribers to your channel?


Well, it enables you to embed a chosen video or playlist across all of the videos on your channel and ensures that returning subscribers to your channel see your featured content first.


Featuring a video on YouTube is like having free advertising for your other videos on your channel. You can choose to make any one of your videos or playlists appear as a banner on all your videos at any time you wish. You just need to customize which video and set the time that you want it to appear and disappear.

How To Use Featured Videos To Increase Views And Subscribers

Other than that, by featuring a video across all your YouTube videos, you are also keeping your audience tuned into your channel for a longer period of time.


Tuned in audiences often translates into engagement, which then increases the likelihood of top of mind recall when they think of the category of your brand.


For example, if you are a chocolate brand and you do a video animation about chocolate or something related, whenever your audience thinks of buying a bar of chocolate, there is an increased potential that they would pick your brand off the shelf.


Of course, this is not the sole driving purchase decision of consumers but it assists in increasing the potential for sales to happen.


Featured videos are where YouTube will be taking note of how many likes, comments, or views your video is getting, and it will rank you accordingly in their search engine results. So this means that featured content can be used to increase your search engine ranking.