In this section, you will learn about YouTube Ads, how they increase conversions and a step-by-step “how to” so you can use these ads.


So what are YouTube Ads?

YouTube is a social media platform that has become a highly effective venue for reaching massive audiences through online advertising.


How so?

It has over a 1 billion users and people are watching 50% more video on the platform year over year.


For online marketers and business owners, this is a huge opportunity to get in front of a target audience and expand the business branding to convert to sales.


YouTube Ads allow you run paid ads on someone else’s videos, as well as getting paid to let others run their ads on your videos.


How does it increase conversions?

YouTube Ads can be used to increase your brand and product visibility and this, in turn, translates into potential sales and revenue.


Let’s say that there is a highly anticipated video or a viral video that people are bound to watch and because you are running paid ads, your ad appears before the video.  Anyone who chooses to watch the video will get to know more about your product, brand or offering. Interested consumers will then click to know more and purchase your product or service.


YouTube Ads enable two choices: to run your ads on other’s videos or to let others run their ads on your videos.

How To Use YouTube Ads for High Conversion

By running your ads on other’s videos, you will be gaining brand and product visibility as your ads will reach a larger bunch of audience and increase awareness towards your business.


On the other hand, letting others run their ads on your videos allow you to generate revenue as you are getting paid for the view count. The more audience that watches your videos, the more they get exposed to the ads, and thus the more you will get paid because your videos have helped to generate brand awareness.


Both ways work to increase your conversion rates as monetization with YouTube Ads generally involves maximum audience engagement. By increasing your brand awareness and reaching out to a large targeted audience, you are boosting your percentage of conversions as well.


Before we move on to learn how to use YouTube Ads. Let’s take a look at the types of ads available for your preference or selection that best suit your business.

There are two types of ads on YouTube: the display ads and videos ads.


Display Ads on YouTube

YouTube display ads allow you to place your ads in videos whereby it will appear alongside related YouTube videos, or as pop-ups within YouTube videos.

Below are the types of Display Ads that YouTube offers.


Standard Banner Ad is similar to Google Display Ads whereby it is available as standard banner ads and rich media ads. Use bright and colorful images to grab your audience’s attention and interest.